ff - Fitting Frames
Tray Frame for Canvas
Artist's Sketchbook - Distressed Frame
Gessoed Frame
Floating Painting in Box Frame with Reflection-Free Glass - Painting by Sarah Ball
Box Frame with Linen Background - Painting by Sarah Ball
Box Frame - Work by Anthony Cockayne
Print on Glass by Alexis Snell
Stained Frame Samples
Five-sided Display Cabinet
Wide Ribbed Moulding
Gessoed Black Frame
Embroidery Mounted on Linen
Painted Frames Drying
Stained Wood
Double Thick Mount
Layered Glass Artwork - by Rachel Tudor Best
White Frame
Gessoed Mirror Detail
Biscuit Joint
Corner Samples of Gessoed, Painted Frames
Cut Pieces of Moulding
Painted Frames
Box Frame for Childs Collage
Frame for Feather
Choosing a Frame 1 of 4
Choosing a Frame 2 of 4
Choosing a Frame 3 of 4
Choosing a Frame 4 of 4
Gessoed & Painted with Gold Slip
Work by Susan Milne
Etching by Pat Schaverien
Bevelled Frame - Painting by Sarah Ball